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Buying Nirvana

Bitching and moaning our way to enlightenment,

My Karma

This is a very difficult post to write. The avoidable death of a young child is always tragic, but that is not what makes this so painful.  The pain is because, self-centered narcissist that I am, I realize the true tragedy is the karma that lands squarely on the shoulders of folks like me who […]

So You Want To Buy A Drone?

So you wanna buy a drone, huh?  Well step right this way then ….. In his curiosity shop Uncle has oodles and oodles of cool drones for sale.  But …… before you make the plunge and purchase a drone, I HIGHLY recommend you purchase a book such as the one above, or found in Uncle’s […]

Paper Airplanes!

If you, or your kid, have ever wanted to fly the greatest possible paper airplanes, then you’ve come to the right place! The best way to get started flying really cool paper airplanes is to buy a book containing preprinted patterns, and Amazon has a wonderful one for sale, Kangaroo’s Paper Airplane Kit.  This book has […]