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All Posts – 03


Stories/Guides/Rants – continued

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Keeping Ted from Talking

The Tree That Came Back to Life

Don’t Hassle North Korea!

Too Many Lawyers

Free MP3 Files

How About Detroit?

Investing vs. Speculating

Life and Death

Challenges, Challenges!

Bitcoin or Gold

Beware of Banks!

The Orocan Incident

Never Argue in Front of a Child

The Paradox of Creative Activity

Hirohito Should Hang!

American Revolution vs. French Revolution

Malware Sucks!

Who was Ignatius P. Dufreis?

Is Socialism Okay?

The Innkeeper  –  Part 1  /  Part 2

“Intel Inside”?

A Really Cool Painting!

I Hate Halloween!


Women Have a Rougher Road

The Howard County Animal Shelter

Remember Mike’s Pizza?

Would You Go There Too?

Yearly Visit from a Garden Spider

When Restoration Turns Into Destruction

Another Bad Boxing Judge

Red Hot and Looney

Stop the Ride!