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Getting Used to Filipino Food

My dear wife is from Mindanao, the big southern island in the Philippines. Since she does all the cooking for our family, (I can’t successfully boil water!), I have become used to eating Filipino food. A big part of my diet is now rice. The Philippines is an asian country, (even Americans know this!), and […]

A New Twist on Book Porn?

As frequent readers of FullofKnowledge know, one of our authors, Laurie Tysinger, has created the term “Book Porn” to describe her insatiable desire to purchase books. Note that these are REAL paper and ink books, not digital eBooks of any form. Her article on this subject struck a chord with many of us “lusting bookies”. […]

Who Was P. D. Eastman?

If you have a child, you are probably familiar with the children’s books, “Are You My Mother?” and “Go, Dog. Go!” These books have been around long enough now to be classics (both were favorite books of mine when I was a child, and I’m an old fart now) and were written and illustrated by […]

Watch as We Slice Open This Woman and Pull Out a Baby!

The birth of our son Dodong, taken with a red Nikon COOLPIX L28 camera. We actually own two Nikon cameras: the small COOLPIX, which I use, and a D3100 Digital SLR fitted with the standard Nikkor 18-55mm lens.   While I admit the Digital SLR takes crisper pics, and is much less inclined to give back […]

Getting this here thing in gear …..

This is our first post!  Ta-da! Stay tuned, folks.  We’re frantically working to get this website up and running.  In the meantime, how about an elephant joke? Q:  What time is it when an elephant sits on a fence? A:  Universal time, or local time, since a traveler moving at rapid speed away from you […]