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Endoscopies for the Masses!

This morning I went to the local hospital for an endoscopy. The specific procedure performed on me was an endogastroduodenoscopy, (aka gastroscopy, or EGD), which is where the endoscope, (basically a long, thin tube with a video camera and a light on one end), was inserted through my mouth and down my throat. What was […]

Aunt Honey

  She may have been called “Aunt Honey,” however, she was anything but sweet. By the time I met her, she was a mean, bitter old lady. Supposedly, somewhat of a beauty in her younger days, she had frittered away her youth being the mistress of one married man after another, and now she was […]

Hari Sa Mga Tapulan – The King of all Laziness

As Filipinos living abroad know, it is common practice to send money to family back home. Economic conditions in the Philippines can be challenging, so it’s nice to extend a helping hand to those we love. We’ve been sending money back home to my wife’s family for several years now. Unfortunately, for the past three […]

Oh No! You’ve Clicked on a Post that PAA Deleted!

Oh Dear!  It appears that while browsing thru the entries for “A Day in a Year in a Life” for the year 2014, you selected one that used to be on PAA, but was deleted. To get back to “A Day in a Year in a Life” entries for 2014, click here: . Why […]

We LOVE Our Nutri Bullet!

  We’ve owned a Nutri Bullet Magic Bullet for about six months now, and are very pleased with this product.  It effortlessly smashes up fruits and veggies into yummy smoothies, and is MUCH easier to clean than a traditional blender. For years now, we have wanted to purchase a Vitamix, but the $400.00+ cost has […]