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So You Want To Buy A Drone?

So you wanna buy a drone, huh?  Well step right this way then ….. In his curiosity shop Uncle has oodles and oodles of cool drones for sale.  But …… before you make the plunge and purchase a drone, I HIGHLY recommend you purchase a book such as the one above, or found in Uncle’s […]

Paper Airplanes!

If you, or your kid, have ever wanted to fly the greatest possible paper airplanes, then you’ve come to the right place! The best way to get started flying really cool paper airplanes is to buy a book containing preprinted patterns, and Amazon has a wonderful one for sale, Kangaroo’s Paper Airplane Kit.  This book has […]

Who Was P. D. Eastman?

If you have a child, you are probably familiar with the children’s books, “Are You My Mother?” and “Go, Dog. Go!” These books have been around long enough now to be classics (both were favorite books of mine when I was a child, and I’m an old fart now) and were written and illustrated by […]

We Love Play-Doh!

My son got a gift of some Play-Doh and a simple little mold for his birthday. And he loves it! He is four years old now and the Play-Doh seems to be his favorite toy. We make little traffic cones (I guess that’s what they are) from the mold and put them on the table […]

A Review of “My Online Income System”

I’m sure that all of us have at one time or another been intrigued by the “make money on the internet!” claims. A quick review of most of them leaves us with a bad taste in our mouth, because we are not interested in being a spammer pest. (Repeat: WE ARE NOT INTERESTED IN SPAMMING!! […]

Banish Those Pimples!

My wife is from the provinces of Mindanao, in the Philippines.  When she first arrived to the United States several years ago, she almost immediately began to suffer from severe pimple attacks.  It got so bad that her pimples were getting pimples! We were taking her to get a facial every other month or so, […]

Hammer of the Dork?

So this past Thursday I was ill. Too sick to go to work, actually. I spent most of the morning sleeping, then dragged my weary butt up out of bed sometime in the late afternoon. I planned on writing an article or two, but I just felt too cruddy. So instead I decided to watch […]

Watch as We Slice Open This Woman and Pull Out a Baby!

The birth of our son Dodong, taken with a red Nikon COOLPIX L28 camera. We actually own two Nikon cameras: the small COOLPIX, which I use, and a D3100 Digital SLR fitted with the standard Nikkor 18-55mm lens.   While I admit the Digital SLR takes crisper pics, and is much less inclined to give back […]

We LOVE Our Nutri Bullet!

  We’ve owned a Nutri Bullet Magic Bullet for about six months now, and are very pleased with this product.  It effortlessly smashes up fruits and veggies into yummy smoothies, and is MUCH easier to clean than a traditional blender. For years now, we have wanted to purchase a Vitamix, but the $400.00+ cost has […]