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My Karma

This is a very difficult post to write. The avoidable death of a young child is always tragic, but that is not what makes this so painful.  The pain is because, self-centered narcissist that I am, I realize the true tragedy is the karma that lands squarely on the shoulders of folks like me who […]

Novice Affiliate – Part 08

  So the tea store, (Tea Universe), has been up and running for about seven months now?  Have we made any money? Uh ….. (cough, cough) …… using the only valid measurement, which is money deposited into our checking account, we have been shut out.  That’s right; while money is accumulating in our Adsense and […]

Essential Reading Volume 2 – Blood Brothers

  I was strongly encouraged to read this book.  I have always had trouble appreciating the woes of Palestinian people, as thanks to the likes of Yasser Arafat, I viewed them as hot-headed jerks as likely to bomb a school bus as seriously make any plans for a lasting peace. To say it was an […]

Essential Reading Volume 1 – Flash Fiction

  Yeah, yeah …… life is hectic and all, but DON’T even begin to tell me you don’t have time to read anymore, not with all the short, short stories being written. Whether your problem is lack of time, or a super short attention span, (“Oh look!  A squirrel!”), now there are stories just for you. […]

Novice Affiliate – Part 07

So how did my newly revived affiliate marketing business do in February/2016?  Did big bags of money come rolling up to my doorstep? Hardly. To date my Amazon store, ( ), has “earned” a paltry 83¢.  Whipee! Okay, to be fair, I don’t have the numbers yet on my Tumblr accounts to drive the […]

The Greatest Post Ever Made!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you what I consider to be the Greatest Post ever made, namely, “FREE BOOKS: 100 LEGAL SITES TO DOWNLOAD LITERATURE“. Of course Project Gutenberg is on there, along with 100+ other sites that may be worth a visit. They say, “Knowledge is Power”.  Exercise your brain muscles today by downloading […]

Novice Affiliate – Part 06

I’m baaaack, and I’m gonna grit my teeth and hop on this wide ride called affiliate marketing one more time! I FINALLY found someone on YouTube who explains in simple step-by-step instructions how to set up a website to make money online.  His name is Franklin, and he can be found here: ; and here: .  Highly, highly, […]

Liquid Fence – An Effective Deer Repellent

Suppose you enjoy gardening.  Suppose you also live near some woods.  And suppose certain undesirable animals, (deer!), live in these woods, and enjoy munching your plants to the ground.  Finally, suppose that just on the other side of the woods is an elementary school, prohibiting dispatching these undesirable animals with a rapidly moving projectile to […]

Banned Ted Talks

Whilst browsing around thru YouTube one day, looking for the usual nonsense, (bad drivers, scantily clad young women), I chanced upon some very interesting Ted Talks that, for some reason, had been banned. I have no idea how many “talks” the Ted folks have purged, but here are three that IMHO certainly didn’t deserve to […]

Canto 09

As they were nearing the Roberta city limits, Old Man Peal suddenly farted.  It was a loud, long, and extremely stinky fart, like someone would make after drinking too much beer all weekend.  It stunk to high heaven! “Good God!”, Mike said, gagging as he pulled into a nearby convenience store parking lot.  “It smells […]