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Canto 08

They headed south from Callaway, retracing their, (or at least Mike’s!), steps back towards Hamilton, then Waverly Hall, then Roberta, then on to Macon. Peal prattled on and on for most of the drive about a “vision of the future” he had a few nights ago.  Mike was still too shaken to say much, so […]

Canto 07

“Hi,” Peal said.  “Where the hell have you been?” Mike said nothing, just stared back at him, wild eyed and stammering. “What’s the matter with you?”, Peal asked.  “You look like you just saw a ghost or something.” Mike rubbed his eyes, took a deep breath, then blurted out, “What the hell is going on […]

Canto 06

Mike drove away in a daze.  What happened to Peal?  Was he okay?  Where could the crazy old man have wandered off to. Driving further on down the road he passed a pasture full of goats.  Odd, but they all seemed to be staring at him.  As he noticed this, with a chill more ominous […]

Canto 05

Mike was standing by the car, holding open the passenger side door, and shaking his head.  “C’mon man,” he said, “Get out.  Let’s see if we can clean this up.” They had pulled into the first gas station they could find between Mauk and Columbus, a dirty little place with a half-assed food mart attached. […]

Canto 04

Okay, look: when I said nothing any good ever came out of Mauk, I didn’t know about Lucinda.  I didn’t meet her until a few years later, after she and Mike got married and she popped out a few kids and got fat.  But I’ll admit, in her prime she was quite the looker. Stunning […]

Canto 03

It was a warm mid-October morning.  Mike was sitting on a rusted chair outside Old Man Peal’s trailer, sipping a generic brand of energy drink.  Out on the dirt road sat his old Honda Accord, jam packed with whatever possessions he could fit into it, leaving just enough room for him to squeeze into the […]

Canto 02

Anyway, sanity eventually prevailed, and Mike decided it was time to move.  He got a contract out in Columbia, SC  –  (not that he really needs one anyway, as he has no wife or kids now, and could probably live off his savings now for the rest of his life)  –  and then immediately tangled […]

Canto 01

Everything starts with a beginning, whether consciously chosen or not. Mike had a month to move from Mauk, Georgia to Elkin, South Carolina. By car it was only a five hour trip between the two cities, (if you drove really fast). But he was in no hurry, so he could piddle about, and explore a […]

A Resurrection Fig

This is the story of a once dead fig tree that eventually came back to life. In the summer of 2014, here in central Georgia, I planted three fig trees in our yard, a Celeste, a Brown Turkey, and a Black Mission.  Brown Turkey trees are very hardy; I had one that thrived in our […]

Novice Affiliate – Part 05 (the end?)

Hello!  Long time no see, eh? I guess the big news to report is that, strictly speaking, I’m not trying to make money via affiliate sales anymore, at least primarily.  I found, (for me), an easier way to earn some beer money, namely Clickworker.  I’d recommend that all of you give it a try.  Please […]