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This is the “FAQ” page for our “commercial” blog, where we attempt to earn a buck or two via affiliate links.  You’ll even find some affiliate links on this page!  (If you don’t know what an “affiliate links” are, read about them here: affiliate links explained.)



Q: Do you really think you can “buy Nirvana”?

A:  Nope.  Buying a stairway to heaven is a fool’s mission.  The ONLY path to enlightenment is to turn our troubles over to a Higher Power, which we will call God.  It’s hard to explain, (and maybe we can’t), but FAITH alone will save us from the snares and pitfalls of this life.

But what we can do is to research ways to make our pilgrimagea little less strenuous and painful.


Q: Who are you anyway?

A: Not really sure, actually. But we’re basically a family run site.  For example, our Director of Market Research is the illustrious Wonderkid, aka Kuya.

An old, old pic of Kuya

Here, in a more recent picture, he is joined by our head of operations, the tireless Dodong:


Q: So how is that affiliate marketing thing working out for y’all?

A: Uh …. ** cough, cough ** …. odd weather we’re having here this time of year, don’t ya think?

Okay, look, we ain’t made even a friggin’ penny yet, (as of 2015/01/01), on this so called “affiliate sales” business. How were we to know that nobody wanted to purchase ClickBank ebooks on weird sexual acts? Yeah, I guess we should have realized EVERYBODY already knows and does all that stuff these days!


Q: Do y’all have any other websites to visit?

A: Of course!  Here they are, listed below:

Missing Music (  –  an old blog, (the first entry was in the spring of 2007), where we attempt to highlight obscure, (or not so obscure), music.

The Fishbowl (  –  our chaotic, ever-in-need-of-updating directory to our sites and articles.  It was the first website we created, and quite honestly should be completely redone.  But what the heck; we’re amateurs, and proud of it!

 Working Class Hero, Part 1 (  –  this has kinda evolved into a chronicle of our attempts to make money online, listing of posted articles, and other tips and practices relating to online stuff, and making money in general.

Working Class Hero, Part 2 (  –  kinda a mish-mash of all sorts of nonsense; now mostly serving to store our daily “A Day in a Year in a Life” entry.

Mgadamgo (  –  pretty much just random weirdness at the moment.