A Review of “My Online Income System”

Image source: https://vanessasocialmediamarketing.wordpress.com/2012/02/21/business-social-media-one-part-expert-one-part-spy/

I’m sure that all of us have at one time or another been intrigued by the “make money on the internet!” claims. A quick review of most of them leaves us with a bad taste in our mouth, because we are not interested in being a spammer pest. (Repeat: WE ARE NOT INTERESTED IN SPAMMING!! Please don’t be a jerk. Yes, you can make money being a general nuisance. If you do that, shame on you! And watch out, because you’re accumulating tons of bad karma.) We want to make money, sure, but we want to do it in an ethical way.

In my opinion, “My Online Income System”, or MOIS, is a rip-off. Not that they try to get you to do unethical things, but rather that, once you sign up, they do unethical things to you!

Here is what will happen: you will look at their page, and after deciding to leave will get a teaser “special” rate if you buy now. (That is always a bad sign, IMHO.) Back when I was foolish enough to sign up for this mess, the teaser rate was $17.00 . That’s not a huge amount of money to lose, but the problem is that the sign-up process includes giving them an email-id, and a phone number for a counselor to call to offer “support”. (Ha!) In return you get an amateur website, some high-level generalizations on how to make money, (“Sign up for Clickbank and sell Clickbank ebooks.” Great idea! Has anyone ever done this successfully?), and access to a highly moderated forum, (no negativity, please!).

Still, not too bad a deal for $17.00, correct? Then why am I saying MOIS is a rip-off?

Remember the email-id you gave them when you signed-up? How about if I told you that you just PAID someone for the privilege of selling your email-id to a bunch of spammers?

That is exactly what happened to me. The email-id I gave them became basically unusable for about a year, because I was receiving so much spam.

And that’s not all! Remember the phone number you gave them, for “support”? Well, this support consists of an extremely high-pressured sales call to buy some ludicrously overpriced Internet “business” system. The people who will call you are well-trained, persistent, and absolutely unethical. If you make the mistake of buying MOIS, after losing use of your email-id, please don’t throw lots of good money after bad by listening to these human parasites.

There are lots of good sites out there on starting your own internet business, and you know what …… the majority of them are FREE! Yes, FREE, because anyone who is running a legitimate internet business knows that it takes time and lots of work to be successful, not some set of secret techniques. Google “smart passive income”, or for something more entertaining, watch “King human”, on YouTube, (FOR ENTERTAINMENT ONLY, as his advice is kinda crappy and self-serving), but please don’t fall for the MOIS lie.