Banish Those Pimples!


My wife is from the provinces of Mindanao, in the Philippines.  When she first arrived to the United States several years ago, she almost immediately began to suffer from severe pimple attacks.  It got so bad that her pimples were getting pimples!

We were taking her to get a facial every other month or so, which was getting out-of-hand expensive.  Finally, at the last spa we went to, the esthetician suggested we try some Murad products, which we could conveniently purchase at the spa.  They cost a lot, but we were desperate, so we gave them a try.

The Murad products come in several forms.  The one my wife used the most was the Clarifying Cleanser.

At first the Murad products kicked butt, miraculously ridding her face of nearly all the pimples.  This went on for about a year, after which the pimples gradually began to return.

Because of the cost and their lessening effectiveness, my wife decided to try another product.  A friend of hers suggested that she give Neutrogena Daily Wash a try.  She did use Neutrogena for several months, but wasn’t really happy with the results.  So she continued looking for another facial cleanser.

Finally she settled upon Cetaphil.  The daily facial cleanser, while not cheap, wasn’t as expensive as Murad, and its effectiveness hasn’t worn out over time either.  Then again, her acne has never been as horrible as it was back before she first tried the Murad Cleanser, so maybe the Cetaphil cleanser has an easier problem to fix.

Our recommendation? If your acne problem is very bad, try using Murad for while until it settles down a bit. Then use Cetaphil as your maintenance product to prevent the horrid acne from returning.