Hammer of the Dork?


Hammerfist of the fat pink dork. (Look out!!)

So this past Thursday I was ill. Too sick to go to work, actually. I spent most of the morning sleeping, then dragged my weary butt up out of bed sometime in the late afternoon.

I planned on writing an article or two, but I just felt too cruddy. So instead I decided to watch videos on Youtube.

As fate would have it, I stumbled across a video called, “Thor – Hammer of the Gods full movie“.  (Since this article was written, YouTube has removed the video.)  Needing some distraction from my, (hopefully temporary!), aches and pains, I decided to give the movie a go.

I wish I had checked IMDb first. This is quite a stinker of a movie. Imagine spending almost 90 minutes seeing the mighty Thor portrayed as some clueless post-teenage doofus! What were the writers “thinking”? Apparently the main writer of this crap, Rafael Jordan, has made a career out of churning out garbage. But I don’t mean any disrespect to Mr. Jordan here, as I am sure he is laughing all the way to the bank. (And let’s face it, who’s the professional writer, he or me?)

I watched this dumb movie all the way to the end, and no, it does not get any better. At one point I thought maybe I was watching a very subtle satire of other action movies, as when Thor is fighting his brother, and the brother yells out, “There can be only one of us.” (Take that, Highlander!) Or maybe when, during this same fight scene, dorky Thor suddenly has the ability to make a vertical leap of 10 feet or so from a standing position. (Take that, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon!) But I fear that in my weakened state I was simply trying to pull significance and meaning from where there was none. This is nothing but slop for the hogs.

Unless you are immortal, I strongly suggest not wasting a second of your time on this mess. But if bad luck has already led you to sit through this embarrassment, these comments may provide some solace and entertainment.