Watch as We Slice Open This Woman and Pull Out a Baby!


The birth of our son Dodong, taken with a red Nikon COOLPIX L28 camera.

We actually own two Nikon cameras: the small COOLPIX, which I use, and a D3100 Digital SLR fitted with the standard Nikkor 18-55mm lens.   While I admit the Digital SLR takes crisper pics, and is much less inclined to give back a fussy, out-of-focus shot, I much prefer the small size and lightness of the COOLPIX camera.

I can’t remember if the focused lighting of this pic is a lucky accident, or Tom was really lit up that way in the operating room.  I believe it was the former, but who knows?

Another little tidbit: both cameras were purchased, more or less on impulse, at Best Buy. (On separate occasions, fortunately!) I like to browse Best Buy because I can see and touch the actual products. Sometimes it’s nice to buy through the mail, as with Amazon or eBay, and sometimes it’s nice to buy in person. Ain’t it great that we have those options!