We LOVE Our Nutri Bullet!


We’ve owned a Nutri Bullet Magic Bullet for about six months now, and are very pleased with this product.  It effortlessly smashes up fruits and veggies into yummy smoothies, and is MUCH easier to clean than a traditional blender.

For years now, we have wanted to purchase a Vitamix, but the $400.00+ cost has been prohibitive.  At a little less than $100, (if you shop around), a Nutri Bullet is a viable alternative.  Someday maybe we’ll save up the cash to get a Vitamix so we can use all its extra features, but for the time being our Nutri Bullet is doing the job just fine.

Here is a picture of our beloved Nutri Bullet:


The three pieces in the foreground are the cutting blades, (which, unlike those of a blender, aren’t sharp, so they won’t slice your fingers!), the “engine” which turns the blades, and the receptacle into which you place your fruits and veggies, and later pour out your smoothie.

In the background to the right are some bananas and mangoes waiting to be pulverized!  To the left is a traditional blender, (the object with a red base), and the juice releasing end of a Jack Lalanne Power Juicer.

A note about juicers vs. blenders.  Juicers remove the pulp from fruits and vegetables, giving you only juice, while blenders smash the fruits and vegetables into a drinkable mush, which includes the pulp.  I like smoothies better than a “juice only” drink, but I have read that fresh juice contains a higher concentration of minerals and enzymes, whereas smoothies may even consist of a significant amount of air!  For folks with digestive problems, juicing is supposedly the better way to go.

A quick tip: when I was browsing one day at Best Buy, I believe I saw some Magic Bullets on the shelf priced at about $70.00, which is the lowest I’ve ever seen them offered for.  Maybe they were on clearance?  Maybe I was mistaken?  Either way, online at Best Buy you’ll pay the same as everywhere else, but it’s another place to shop should you for some reason be miffed at the good folks at Amazon.  (Yes, that’s a mystery link!)