We Love Play-Doh!


My son got a gift of some Play-Doh and a simple little mold for his birthday. And he loves it! He is four years old now and the Play-Doh seems to be his favorite toy.

We make little traffic cones (I guess that’s what they are) from the mold and put them on the table and he smashes them! Fun, fun, fun!!

Play-Doh has been around a while. I remember it from when I was a kid (ages ago). I could never come close to making the example objects they showed on advertisements, but I enjoyed playing with it until it dried out.

I also remember that Play-Doh doesn’t taste too good and that if you mix the colors you’ll NEVER be able to un-mix them.

According to Wikipedia, “… the product was first manufactured in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S., as a wallpaper cleaner in the 1930s.”  (Cute that Wikipedia doesn’t want you to confuse “Play-Doh” with “Plato“, huh?)

How did a product originally made to clean wallpaper become a popular children’s toy? With changes in home heating technology (less coal!) and new types of wallpaper, the demand for a product to clean wallpaper shrunk. So a new use for this product had to be found. Apparently children were already playing with it, so the manufacturers simply decided to market their wallpaper cleaner as Play-Doh, a fun product for kids.

There are several make-it-yourself recipes for Play-Doh (or, more correctly, a Play-Doh equivalent) circulating around the internet. A quick YouTube search will turn up many of them, complete with a step-by-step instructional video. There are even “gluten free” Play-Doh recipes!

But I still bet that no one can make those fantastic creatures shown in the advertisements!


This little post dates from way back in 2013, before the arrival of Dodong, (son #2).  How about that?