Who Was P. D. Eastman?

If you have a child, you are probably familiar with the children’s books, “Are You My Mother?” and “Go, Dog. Go!” These books have been around long enough now to be classics (both were favorite books of mine when I was a child, and I’m an old fart now) and were written and illustrated by Philip Dey Eastman, more commonly known as P. D. Eastman.

P.D. was born early in the twentieth century in Massachusetts, USA. He spent several years working for Walt Disney Productions, then during World War II was assigned to the Signal Corps Film Unit. As it happened, the one and only Dr. Seuss (Ted Geisel) was in charge of this unit.

P.D.’s association with Dr. Seuss paid off later, after the war, when he wrote several books for the Beginner Book series, among them the previously mentioned “Are You My Mother?” and “Go, Dog. Go!”

Some other P.D. Eastman books you may not be familiar with, but which are worth a look, include “Sam and the Firefly”, “Robert the Rose Horse”, “The Best Nest”, and “Flap Your Wings”.

I learned at least two valuable life lessons from Mr. Eastman:

1. Just because something is big and ugly and goes “SNORT!” doesn’t mean it is bad or intends you any harm.

2. (This is for us guys.) If a woman asks you if you like her hat, say “Yes!”