A Prayer for Work

(NOTE: Prayer works! Ever since we started praying for my job over a year ago, things have gotten better and better for me.)

Like many (most?) folks I know, I don’t like my job very much. In fact, I kinda hate it! It’s a stressful environment filled with air-headed, self-promoting managers pushing ridiculous workloads on us poor underlings, and making our lives miserable with idiotic decision after idiotic decision.

In my fantasies, I win the lottery, (unlikely, since I don’t play!), or by some other extremely improbable means become wealthy overnight, and then in joyful dance of liberation quit, quit, QUIT that crazy job and never set foot in that stupid place again! But, alas, here in the real world I need to keep working.

My wife, to whom I complain about my job every evening when I get home, has suggested that I pray, asking for help to cope with the craziness I find myself surrounded by. That, of course, is an excellent idea! Prayer is always a good thing, even for a non-believer like me. (“Non-practitioner” would probably be a better term, as I do believe in a purpose to existence. I just don’t belong to any particular religion.)

With lots of help from my wife, this is the prayer we wrote for my job:

Dear God,

Please guide my heart and mind in the direction you wish, not that of my own choosing. Help me to accept and embrace the work you have sent my way, and understand that while I can not change the world around me, I can change my own attitude. Help me to see difficulties as challenges which will strengthen me, and make me a better employee and human being. Please help me overcome frustration, fear, and other feelings of negativity, and do my best to exert a positive influence on everyone with whom I come in contact.

When I have the urge to whine or complain, please bring to my attention all the wonderful gifts that have come into my life.

Thank you so much for your patience with me, and I hope that with your Grace I continue to receive blessings in my life.

Your Rebellious, yet Grateful Child