A Recent Dream

This is a dream I had recently:

My current wife and I were living in the house I once lived in with my ex-wife, in North Carolina. My ex-wife knocks at the front door, which isn’t too odd, as in the dream she is living next door to us. She, (the ex), and I are trying to sell the house she is currently living in. (Confusing already? I’m sorry …. dreams are just weird like that!)

A buyer shows up in our driveway, driving erratically. The three of us, (me, my ex-wife, and the buyer), walk across the yard to the house next door. Now the yard is a vast expanse of meadows. A large river runs through it, right past the house we are attempting to sell. My ex-wife tries to walk across a large water pipe that spans the river, crossing high above it. The water pipe is covered with slick wet moss; she slips, and falls 30 feet or more into the river below.

I’m irritated by all this, because it was stupid of her to attempt to cross the river that way, and now I’m going to have to jump in the icy water to pull her out. (And probably have to remove most of my clothes, so I don’t drown!) But she never appears again; the river washes her away.

Good riddance?