A Theological Joke

A preacher died, and went to the pearly gates to be interviewed by St. Peter. St. Peter said, “Sir, in order for me to let you pass through these gates into heaven, you must have earned 100 points during your time on earth.”

“Okay, ” the preacher replied, thinking to himself that since he had been a “man of God”, this would be easy for him. “I think I lived a pretty decent life. How many points did I accumulate?”

“I don’t know, ” St. Peter replied. “Did you do anything exemplary while living, that I should evaluate?”

“Well, let’s see. I was a preacher for 40 years. I lived a life of willing poverty and hardship to help spread the word of God amongst his people. That should be worth a lot.”

“Oh yes, that’s wonderful, ” St. Peter said. “That is worth 1 point.”

“That’s all?”, the man asked. “Well, okay then, how about this? I was faithful to my wife our entire marriage, I went as a missionary to distant lands seven times, enduring physical abuse for my faith, and even donated one of my kidneys to a total stranger because I was a perfect match as a donor.”

“Excellent!”, St. Peter exclaimed. “That is certainly worth another point. That bring your total points to two.”

“Two points! Only two points for all that!”, the man exclaimed. “Good Lord, at this rate the only way I’ll ever be admitted to heaven is by the grace of God!”

St. Peter smiled and patted him on the back. “Congratulations, my good man. You may now enter.”