America Has Too Many Lawyers!

Here in the United States we are blessed with a sound constitution, and a history of protecting the individual against abusive powers of the state, that stretches all the way back to England and the Magna Carta.  However, despite this proud tradition, we still suffer from an overabundance of lawyers.

One way this overabundance of lawyers affects Americans is by the stifling amount of laws and governmental regulations that get created every year. Needless to say the prime beneficiaries of these laws and regulations are the lawyers themselves! The legal profession is the only one I know of that actually creates its own work!

A recent example of government run amuck is what happened to us when we tried to donate some no longer needed infant accessories to a local charity. They turned down our crib, saying they couldn’t accept it because of liability concerns. Okay, I can almost accept that, (babies have been injured/killed by poorly made or maintained cribs), but when they told us they also couldn’t accept our stroller for the same liability reasons, I got disgusted.

As it turns out, liability law in this country is totally out of control, thanks to hordes of hungry lawyers. Many charities will not accept ANY device used to transport a person, such as a wheelchair. Grrr!!

My suggestion to resolve this mess is to look at it as an asset, rather than a liability. Why not use all our surplus expendable lawyers as human weapons of mass destruction which we can airdrop on enemy nations? In no time at all the busy-body lawyers would have those countries’ economic systems hopelessly bound up in an inpenetrable mess of red tape, lawsuits, and other useless legal shenanigans.

P.S. – the Magna Carta is wonderful document, probably more powerful for what it represents rather than what it actually states. If you’ve never heard of it before, or even if you have, the Wikipedia entry on it is worth a read:

P.S.S. – no actual lawyers were harmed during this writing of this post.  Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing, I will leave to the reader to decide.


Originally posted by us on FullofKnowledge.