Banned Ted Talks


Whilst browsing around thru YouTube one day, looking for the usual nonsense, (bad drivers, scantily clad young women), I chanced upon some very interesting Ted Talks that, for some reason, had been banned.

I have no idea how many “talks” the Ted folks have purged, but here are three that IMHO certainly didn’t deserve to be censored.


1. Dr. Rupert Sheldrake – The Science Delusion.  Why in the world the Ted folks banned this video is beyond me!  If anything, they reinforced his argument that certain scientific ideas have degraded into dogma.

I don’t like his alternative answers to the interesting questions he poses, but then again he is MUCH MORE educated in this subject matter than me.  Listen to him with an open mind.

Further links:  –  the Ted folks backtracking once they realized how stupid they looked.

Doc Sheldrake has his own website, ( ), where if you click on the “reactions” tab you can read more about this fiasco.


2. Nick Hanauer – Rich People Don’t Create Jobs.  Much like Dr. Sheldrake’s talk, I appreciate the troubling issues presented by this talk, but I don’t agree with the solutions.  However, this is another interesting presentation, and should NOT have been banned.


3. Graham Hancock – The War on Consciousness.  Okay, while this was an interesting talk, I have to (reluctantly) side with the Ted folks on this one, because the speaker is talking about using psychoactive drugs to explore consciousness.  Since Ted Talks are sometimes used as material for high school students, it would be reckless to put any sort of “stamp of approval” on such a position.  IMHO using drugs of any type to enhance consciousness is a terrible idea, (I also oppose “behavior control” drugs such as Ritalin except in extreme cases), but if an ADULT chooses to do so, then so be it.  However I can’t imagine that showing this video to anyone under 21 years of age would have a positive benefit.


What do YOU think?  Do you think that the Ted folks were correct in banning any, or all, of these talks?