Black Hats and King Human

Yes, this is yet another article about “making money on the Internet,” but it is also about something which you should consider even more important, namely ethics.

For several months now I have been watching YouTube videos created by a guy who calls himself, “King Human”.  I find his videos amusing, although since he does use some inappropriately strong and/or vulgar language, I can’t watch him when our five year old is in the room.

In fact, because of his profanity I will probably have to stop watching him altogether, since the risk of a bad influence on our son isn’t worth it.   But putting the issue of his poor choice of vocabulary aside, I think he is an interesting, informative, and entertaining fellow.

Recently I finally succumbed to his, uh, **cough, cough**, “charms”, and purchased an eBook he was hyping via his videos.  Yes, it was an affiliate link for him, but he fully discloses all his affiliate links, and besides, I don’t think affiliate marketing is necessarily a bad thing.

Here is the link to the product:  Please note that this is still King Human’s link, not mine.  (More about that later.)

The eBook, (it’s actually some videos, a PDF file, and an MP3 file), costs $10.00, and is possibly worth the cost, although you have to wade through an awful lot of irritating sales crap to find the useful stuff.   Also, should you decide to buy it, PLEASE do so under a garbage collection email ID, because you will receive lots of other emails.  (It is always a good idea to use a throw-away email ID when getting on any mailing list.)

The basic point of the eBook was that you can drive preselected traffic to your higher priced products by giving affiliates an incentive to sell or give away an initial low cost product.  In the specific case of this eBook, the author is giving a 100% commission to anyone who sells the entry product.  In the link above, that means a purchase of the eBook gives King Human $10.  By purchasing the eBook, I have given the author my email ID, so now he can pitch his higher priced products to me.

That’s the theory behind all this, from a vastly simplified, high-level view.

In case you’re wondering, I bought this product from King Human because of his withdrawal of approval from another online income generating product.  The shunned product is a marketing scheme whereby you sell items on eBay, which you then fulfill via Amazon.

The aspect to this technique which makes it “black hat”, (i.e., unethical), is that you are buying and shipping the product from Amazon to the purchaser WITHOUT HIS OR HER PRIOR KNOWLEDGE of this fact; the purchaser thinks that s/he is buying something from someone on eBay.

King Human was excited about this product at first, because several folks he communicates with were making good money with it, but once the shady dealings behind it were pointed out to him, (for example, you tell a “white lie” to the successful eBay bidder if the product is for some reason suddenly not available on Amazon), he stopped promoting it.

I bring up the dishonest eBay marketing technique, (by the way, PLEASE DON’T DO THIS!!), to illustrate the point that there are many ways to make money online by being a jerk.  But since you and I are decent folk, we will want nothing to do with such slimy behavior, but instead try to make a living while also making the internet a better resource for all.  This is where Pat Flynn comes in.

 If you are serious about making money online, and you want to do it in a way that would make your Mama proud rather than ashamed, then I can think of no better resource than  The information on his website is easy to access, proven to work, and, best of all, free!  As an example, take a look at his podcast on selling via the Amazon FBA program, .  There is a ton of useful information in there, and he’s not trying to upsell you on some dubious one-on-one internet marking coaching.

Back to the eBook I purchased; if you do decide to buy it for yourself, PLEASE DO NOT fall for the sales pitches and sign up for the business coaching.  You can get everything that turkey claims to be able to teach you for free from Pat Flynn and others.

Besides, I’m not impressed with his customer service at all.  He sells his eBook through a site called, where I signed up to sell his eBook.  (I was going to sell it for three or four dollars, as that is what I think it is worth.)

Several weeks ago I went through the process to be approved as an affiliate to market his eBook, and to date I have yet to receive a response.  So much for motivating affiliates, huh?

So I guess the moral of this story is this:  watch King Human and others like him for amusement, but if you really want to learn how to be successful on the internet, stick to folks like Pat Flynn.

Originally posted by us on FullofKnowledge.