Halloween is Over! Hooray!

Thank God Halloween is over!

I guess I’m just a wimp, but I have never liked scary things, or holidays. If there’s a scary movie on TV, I’ll turn it off. If I’m in a theater and there’s a scary scene in a movie I’m watching, I’ll cover my face with my hands.

Maybe I have an overactive imagination, but I can make the most mundane people and events into objects of terror. Once I woke up screaming from a nightmare, startling my poor ex-wife. The subject of this nightmare? Would you believe a car full of pencil-necked geeky scholars?

“Scholars? You are frightened of … scholars?”

Well, there were extenuating circumstances. I was driving my car, and pulled up to another car at a stoplight. This second car contained the scholars. They were arguing, and their argument grew quite heated. And one of them had a beard.

“That’s it?”

Uh, well, they started yelling really, really loudly. They were quite mad at each other. Seriously mad.

“And then?”

And then ….. uh …….. well, nothing. It was just very, very scary, okay!

How about another example? We were on vacation in Maine, staying at a Bed and Breakfast. If you aren’t familiar with the concept, a “Bed and Breakfast” is usually a room in a somebody’s house. We weren’t the only lodgers; there were several other families staying in other rooms at the time

My ex-wife got the brilliant idea that we would go see a play. It was a Victorian horror play called, “The Woman in Black”, I think. While the plot was largely predictable, the settings and presentation were extremely creepy, including the occasional appearance of a woman’s face lit from below, which I found more than a little unsettling. By the time the play ended, night had fallen, and we had to make our way back to the Bed and Breakfast in the dark.

Back in our room, I noticed I was a little agitated, which I shrugged off as nervousness from sleeping in unfamiliar surroundings. But it was more than that, unfortunately, because in the middle on the night I woke up screaming!

My ex-wife quickly silenced me. We were both embarrassed, because it was highly unlikely that no one had heard the loud noise. But fortunately nothing was said at breakfast the next morning, although I’m sure several of the other folks wondered just what the heck we were up to, or what my problem was.

Oh … and to give you an idea of how silly my fear was, this didn’t happen on a dark, cold winter’s eve, but on a hot Fourth of July!

Good thing no one threw a firecracker at our window!


Originally published on FullofKnowledge.