How Affiliate Marketing is Supposed to Work

We all know and love this wonderful online magic called “the internet”. Besides giving us new ways to communicate, learn, or just gawk at pictures and videos, the internet has created new business and marketing opportunities. One such marketing opportunity is known as “affiliate marketing”.

Are you familiar with “affiliate marketing”? Do you understand how it works, and why it may be beneficial to all parties involved?

Affiliate marketing is popular because a good company is willing to pay an affiliate a commission to market their product(s) and increase sales. This should be obvious. But how does affiliate marketing benefit you, the consumer?

The first, (and most important!), feature of affiliate marketing that you should understand is that it costs you, the consumer, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING EXTRA to buy a product via an affiliate. This is important to remember. If you are in the market for left-handed, reverse widgets, you will pay the same amount of money for them should you buy them directly from the Widget World Website, or via an affiliate link provided by an affiliate marketer.

“Fair enough,” you say. “But why should I even bother going through an affiliate. Why not always buy directly from Widget World?” Well, suppose I told you that Discount Widgets Are Us sells the exact same left-handed, reverse widget for 40% less than Widget World? You didn’t know about them, because their webpage ranks poorly in a Google search.

And furthermore, that the model of widget you were going to purchase, the XQZ-Fuzzy, can be functionally replaced by the TIB-Fuzzy, which not only costs a little less, but consumes much less energy and is reported to last three times as long?

This is the second feature of affiliate marketing, namely, that a good affiliate marketer will direct you to the best product for the best price. It is in the affiliate’s best interest to do so, as s/he wants to be identified as the “go to” source for good product information and pricing.

So, far from being a bad thing, such as home based multi-level marketing “businesses”, “free cruise” giveaways, or the latest not-so-greatest pyramid scheme, affiliate marketing can generate true win-win scenarios for all parties involved.

I hope this short article has given you some insight into the benefits of affiliate marketing, and removed any concerns you may have had about buying a product via an affiliate link.