I Drank My First “Moxie” Today


An empty Moxie bottle. Around here, at least, Moxie bottles don’t stay full for long.

Today I had my first Moxie. This is a carbonated beverage that has been produced in the U.S. for over 100 years, and at one time was popular enough to cause the word, “moxie”, to be used as slang for courage, or fortitude, (or something like that).

We were shopping at Fresh Market, an upscale grocery store that has all sorts of interesting, enticing products that we really can’t afford. We go there to get “Honey Ginseng Green Tea” by The Republic of Tea. It is ludicrously overpriced, but my wife really, really likes it, (I must admit it is really good tea), so we splurge for it every now and then. While in Fresh Market, I saw bottles of Moxie for sale. They cost about $1.30 USD, (once again, an over-priced product), but I have wondered what Moxie tastes like for quite a while now, so I bought one.

What does Moxie taste like? Sorta like a mentholated root beer. It’s not sickeningly sweet like many soft drinks, which is a good thing, but the menthol taste could take some getting used to. My wife didn’t like it. She said it tastes like they put Vicks VapoRub in it!

Would I buy it again? Sure ……. if it ever goes on sale!

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www.republicoftea.com/honey-ginseng-green-tea/p/V00647/ – this really is good stuff!! (And despite appearances, this is not an affiliate link!)