If It was Good for Us Then, Why is It Bad for Us Now?

I’m sure we’ve all heard the latest dietary news: taking fish oil supplements may not be such a good idea after all. So after years of pushing those squishy little pills on us, now the nutritionists are saying, “Oops. Ha, ha! Just kidding folks. Don’t eat those things; they’ll make you sick!”

Is anyone else starting to get tired of all this dietary advice flip-flop? The latest healthy eating retraction got me to thinking about some of the foods I was forced to eat as a kid, particularly the one I dreaded most, LIVER.

Eons ago, when I was young, liver was considered very good for you, and we often ate it because of its health benefits. Now, of course, we try to limit our consumption of organ meats because of the excess cholesterol they contain. This makes me very happy, as I consider organ meats something not intended for human consumption. Or have nutritionists, (undoubtedly dizzy from consuming too much fish oil), bumped their heads and changed their minds on liver again?

I can’t keep up with what we are supposed to eat, and what we are NOT supposed to eat. We always used margarine growing up, because everyone knew butter was bad for you, (too much fat). Well now they say that the fat in butter is a good thing, but the trans-fat in margarine is very unhealthy. At least I think that is what they are saying.

And what is the deal with eggs? First they are a wonder food, the ideal balance of whatever it is we’re supposed to be eating. Then we are told to limit or avoid them because of the cholesterol. At the moment I think eggs are okay, or even wonderful, again, but I haven’t looked up their good food/bad food rating in at least a week. In the ever changing world of nutrition, that may as well be a century.

I tell you what …… no way the nutritionists are gonna get me to give up pizza and beer!