Let’s Buy Some Money!

I need sometimes to remind myself why I work, why I drive every morning to the office to subject myself to the bureaucratic stuffiness and general induced stupidity that seems to permeate every large human organization. (And trust me, if I were in charge, things wouldn’t be significantly different. Maybe just worse!)

A few days ago my wife and four year old son were shopping at Publix, a grocery chain here in Georgia. He asked her if they could buy some marshmallows, and when she said she didn’t have money for that, he said, “How about I will call my Dad?”

My wife chuckled, and said that Dad is working hard earning money for us right now, so let’s not bother him. So then he said, “Okay. How about let’s go to Publix and buy some money!”

How nice to be four years old again, (or in charge of the Federal Reserve!), and to think that money is readily available, there for your use whenever you need it.