Liquid Fence – An Effective Deer Repellent


This Stuff Really Works!!

Suppose you enjoy gardening.  Suppose you also live near some woods.  And suppose certain undesirable animals, (deer!), live in these woods, and enjoy munching your plants to the ground.  Finally, suppose that just on the other side of the woods is an elementary school, prohibiting dispatching these undesirable animals with a rapidly moving projectile to their ungrateful, disrespectful, free loading heads.  (Which is what they deserve!)

What is a gardener to do?  Abandon any and all attempts to grow anything other than yucca and poison ivy?  (Yes it’s true – disgustingly enough the deer won’t eat any plant that we want them to eat!)

No!  Don’t give up hope!  We can effectively protect our plants from the rats-on-stilts with Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent.

This product works wonderfully!  The year before I discovered Liquid Fence, I had stopped gardening.  It was just too discouraging to watch the deer eat everything, even shrubs and some potted plants right outside our front door.  I was trying to save up some money to fence in our yard, and get a dog or two, just to keep the stupid deer out, and chase them away should they leap the fence.

But once Liquid Fence was applied, they stayed away.

Good riddance!

If you have a severe deer infestation on your hands, please consider trying Liquid Fence to rid yourself of these pests.  It worked really well for me, and we had multiple families of deer using our yard as their walk-in buffet!