More Appropriate Housing for Oklahoma

This past May, 2013, Oklahoma City was hit with a horrific tornado. This the second awful weather event to hit Oklahoma City in about 10 years. I was in Oklahoma city a few months after the 1999 tornado, and the devastation was mind boggling. But what struck me the most was how the now demolished houses all seemed to have been built on a slab.

Isn’t there a better way to build structures in areas prone to severe weather than the typical balloon frame house? A quick search of the internet would lead one to believe so.

We can start with The authors use the experience of cement houses in Guam to make a case for a different type of construction to withstand intense winds. makes the case for earth block homes to withstand tornadoes. (Also

Monolithic-dome-home-survives-missouri-tornado is a personal account of a dome house surviving a tornadoes direct hit.

Finally, the Washington Post makes the case for tornado proof construction, and reminds us that tornadoes can hit anywhere. (Would you believe that one of the worst tornadoes of all time hit in Massachusetts?)