My Karma

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This is a very difficult post to write.

The avoidable death of a young child is always tragic, but that is not what makes this so painful.  The pain is because, self-centered narcissist that I am, I realize the true tragedy is the karma that lands squarely on the shoulders of folks like me who encourage crap like this to happen.

I have been opposed to open borders, and loudly exhorted that we should strictly limit who we let into this country.  If pushed, I would probably have admitted that a ban on immigration from muslim countries is not such a bad idea.

I want to keep my country safe from more idiots like those who set off a bomb at the Boston Marathon.  (Muslim refugees who had sought asylum in the United States, by the way.)

That seems reasonable, no?  But, are muslim immigrants more likely than any other group of people to commit acts of senseless stupidity?  And before you blurt out that Christians don’t commit acts of terrorism, I think you need to read a little bit about Christian motivated anti-abortion violence.

ANY religion can be used for evil by sick minds.

If we don’t love one another, welcome each other with open arms, and do what we can to help those of us in need, we wind up with this:

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Sure, helping people who are different than you, with different customs and beliefs, is uncomfortable.  But how much more so is the image of a dead child lying on a beach!

A much smarter man than me once said, “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”  Foolishly I chose to give in to hate and fear, and now the pain of that choice will eat away at me.

I’m sorry Alan, and every other child of God whom I’ve chosen not to help, however minuscule and feeble was the aid I could have given.  Please forgive me.