North Korea Scores a TKO?

Did North Korea and their whack-job leader just deliver a resounding hook to the side of the Western World’s complacent head?

Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. recently canceled the theatrical release of “The Interview”, a movie which negatively portrays current North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.  While we may never know all the facts behind this decision, we can freely speculate as to why a multi-national corporation as powerful as Sony would be humbled by a ranting idiot from a third-world hellhole.

Why did Sony capitulate and pull the plug on “The Interview”?

1. This is all a publicity hoax.  While unlikely, considering the leaking of embarrassing emails, it is still a possibility.  According to pre-release reviews, the movie wasn’t all that great.  What better way to hype up attention for it, (and deflect notice away from the movie’s considerable flaws), than claim that Kim himself was so upset by “The Interview” that he sent his goons to attempt to intimidate Sony?  If the movie sells well in DVD form, then this option will seem more likely.

2. Kim’s Goons gained access to some stuff Sony would prefer not to be released publicly.  This is possible, but given North Korea’s tendency to behave like a pack of rabid dogs, it would require an element of restraint they probably lack.  My guess is that if any more damaging data on Sony had been retrieved, it would have already been released by now.  So, lacking evidence of cash transfers from Sony to North Korea, we can probably eliminate this option.

3. Somebody, (most likely not Kim), in North Korea actually has more than just a few functioning brain cells, and realizing that a direct military attack on the United States is suicidal, chose instead to attack us at one of our weak points, namely, our dysfunctional legal system.  Sony cancelled the movie’s release AFTER the announcement of intentions to destroy movie theaters which were to show the movie, because of liability concerns.  This is because if people got hurt by an explosion at a movie theater showing “The Interview”, like any good American they would promptly look for someone to hold accountable for their injuries, who could then be sued.  Now are they going to sue the penniless deranged losers who placed the bombs in the theaters, or the rich multi-national corporation which had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BOMBING ITSELF, but in the warped American legal system will be deemed guilty by association?  (Oh, and never mind that these folks went to the movie theater of their own free will.)

Ominously, I believe that the third option is most likely.  I have always thought that if I wanted to destroy America, I would do so by directing our strengths against us, and like a good martial artist let the considerable power of our legal system and public opinion eventually strangle us.  After all, a hungry, unethical lawyer is a dangerous being.  (Maybe next time, instead of dropping propaganda leaflets on North Korea, we could airdrop some of our excess attorneys?)

Hopefully such a thing will never come to pass; hopefully we have enough checks-and-balances in our society to prevent a throttling of our creativity and innovation by a flurry of lawsuits run amuck.

Originally posted by us on FullofKnowledge.