Novice Affiliate – Part 01

Have you ever wanted to be an Affiliate Marketer?  Do you think it is possible for someone starting from scratch to become successful at this gig?

This series of articles will follow my success, (or lack thereof!), in earning BIG MONEY promoting ClickBank products.

I’ve been signed up with ClickBank for a while now, and would every now and then add an affiliate link to one of my articles, (e.g., “Hey, check out this cool guide for Living on a Dime!“), but to date I have made ABSOLUTELY NOTHING via affiliate links.  Phooey!

Recently we decided to try this business again, but more seriously.  My first step was to sign up for ClickBank University.

The basic cost for CBU is $47.00, but you have to be careful, because when signing up you’ll default to an expensive monthly “support” fee, and be prompted to buy some other stuff, (CB Builder, I believe).  IMHO even if you buy the most basic $47.00 membership, it is not worth the cost IF YOU ARE SIMPLY GOING TO BE AN AFFILIATE, because there is better training material for free out on YouTube.  What you do get on CBU is a community comprised of other confused, frustrated folks like me, and some tools which may be of benefit should you decide to become a PRODUCER of online products.

There is a money back guarantee for CBU, but I am not going to ask for my money back.  If I find a helpful tip or two in the community section, then I suppose my money was well spent.  Besides, I have a time challenge I assume most of y’all do not, (two very young children), so I may not have given CBU a fair shake yet.  (Nah …. it’s not that great!)

What I believe you need to do is head over to YouTube, and watch and learn from as many Affiliate Marketing videos as your eyeballs can handle.

These are the videos I have watched to date:

1.  –  the sound is out of sync with the images on this video, but hang with it; Greg Davis seems to know his stuff.  Besides, listening to him will give you a nice dose of reality as to what this gig is all about.  I’d also check out his YouTube channel and webpages.

2. Three Vick Strizheus videos, (NOT posted by Vick, by the way!): , , and .  This videos opened my eyes to the utility of using PAID traffic sources.  I’d also recommend going to, but just don’t get suckered into buying something expense.

3. Even better than Vick, IMHO, is Brendan Mace,  I’ve watched two of his videos which I think are great, and a good introduction to the concept of a “funnel”: and .  Unfortunately the product he is promoting in these videos, Long Tail Pro, seems locked to newbies like me.  Poop!

4. Here’s an interesting video: .  Tuttlecb407 has several more interesting videos, but it appears he isn’t active on YouTube anymore.

5. Finally, my favoite video: .  I really, really, like this video because it stresses as a source of paid traffic.  If you’ve tried signing up with some of the bigger traffic generating ad networks and, as a newbie, gotten rejected, you’ll understand why.  I’m still too new to this to say if AdFly is a viable, or even better alternative to the more traditional ad networks.  Guess we’ll see, huh?

A last, final tip:  consider reading and joining the Warrior Forum, .  You can do a quick sanity check on everything you learn about in those YouTube videos, and find out what is true, and what is hype.

Until next time, happy selling!




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