Novice Affiliate – Part 03

It’s been a rough week.  I haven’t had much time at all to spend on my “Affiliate Marketer Business”, and a big huge chunk of the wee amount of time I did have available was wasted on a uselss webinar.  Grrr!!!

Since I don’t have any earth-moving news to share, let’s make this post quick, and go over some points I think are important.

1.  Affiliate Marketing takes LOTS of time and effort to be successful, at least in the beginning.  This is a repeat of something I stated in Part 02, but it is a very important point, and needs to be stressed.

2.  I continue to lose respect for ClickBank University.  While it may be an okay tool for eBook producers, it is a waste of time if you are going to concentrate on being an affiliate only.  This past week I argued with my wife to allow myself to spend an hour away from her and the ever-needful kids to take a one hour free webinar they offered.  As it turned out, this webinar was nothing but a thinly disguised sales pitch for expensive “consulting”.  YUCK!!  Not only did I waste a precious hour of my free time on that nonsense, but I also managed to get my wife upset with me.

If I were you, I would skip any and all free ClickBank webinars.

3.  You’ll find as you learn more about Affiliate Marketing that having a list of email contacts is considered highly advantageous to your success.  Yuck again, because I really don’t like being on anyone’s email list.  How can I build an email list of my own, and subject my contacts to something I avoid, without being a hypocrite?

4.  Finally, do everything in your power to continue to learn, learn, learn, and learn everything you can about Affiliate Marketing.  Last week I mentioned Jason Orban, who has a YouTube channel dedicated to training newbie affiliates.  I finally got the time to watch a few of his videos, (stayed up until 2:00 am last night to do it!), and downloaded his free training materials from this link: .  (Which, disgustingly, I haven’t had a chance to review yet.)

I want to point out that while you will get put on an email list when you sign up for his free training, I like the way he handles it, by sending you an email explaining what he is going to do.  This is much, much better than just mindlessly filling a contact’s inbox with emails, IMHO.


I have two other YouTube videos I think are worth watching.  The first is by a guy who did more-or-less what I attempted last week, namely, pay for traffic that goes directly to the sales page of the product, without an intervening landing page of his own.  The BIG difference between him and me is that he made a bunch of money, while I made none.  The reason for this appears to be that he included something called traffic redirecting in his link, which he claims was the key to his success.  I don’t fully understand traffic redirecting yet, (do a Google search!), but the idea is to have your ad appear to your prospective buyer multiple times.  This is because research, (whose?  I don’t know?), indicates that folks don’t want to buy on the first viewing of a sales page.  It is claimed that it take seven viewings on average before that final purchase decision is made.

This is the link to his YouTube video:


The second is by a guy who’s attitude I really admire.  (He repeats the quote, “”Success without fullfillment is failure!”  On the other hand, it can be damn fullfilling to pay off debts!)  He says that the best way to succeed on ClickBank is by being a Vendor, not just an Affiliate, (durn!), but if you can’t do that, at a minimum build your email list, (another durn!).

This is the link to his YouTube video:


I use BlueHost to host all my webpages.  If you decide that you too want to build your own webpages, then please consider joining BlueHost via my affiliate link:


Living on a Dime” has its own affiliate program, which includes tracking clicks and sales.


…. and finally, taking a “leap” into the challenging world of Affiliate Marketing sometimes feels like this: .


Until next time, happy selling!



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