Novice Affiliate – Part 04

Same old story …… it’s been a rough week (and a half!).  Worse than what I complained about in Part 03, actually.  But at least I didn’t waste any time on a stupid ClickBank webinar!

Enough whining; let’s move on to some useful information.

1. I made my first affiliate sale, a $4.80 commission for a purchase on Amazon.  Woo hoo!!  The story behind this is that a coworker needed to order some office supplies, so I asked her to use my Amazon affiliate link.  Thank you Lanette!

2. I was accepted as an affiliate into, and even assigned an account manager!  A2Ads is obviously very accommodating of newbies, so if you’re just starting out I suggest you give them a try.

3. I signed up for , and after taking the first basic assessment test, have already earned 10¢.  Okay, so this isn’t strictly an “affiliate marketer” type thing, (in fact it has nothing to do with affiliate marketing!), but it is online, and I did earn some money.  A whole lot more money than AdFly or LinkBucks, by the way.  Now as anyone who ever wrote for Bubblews knows, money “earned” isn’t necessarily the same thing as money “paid”, but I just thought I’d throw this website in here, in case you’re looking for another way to make money.

4. I spent maybe 15 minutes looking over the free training materials from .  Lots of links for upsales, but what the heck, it’s free!  I’d much rather you look into free training like this, or some other stuff on YouTube, (there’s LOTS of it!), than spend $49.00 for that stupid ClickBank university.

5. I signed up for , which at first glance looks very promissing, but haven’t done a thing with it yet.  (Did I mention that I haven’t had time to pursue affiliate marketing properly yet?)


If you arrived here via my Part 04 YouTube video, you’ll probably understand when I say that I’m going to have to stop trying to give updates every week, until that magic day arrives when I actually have some TIME to devote to affiliate marketing.  Until then I’ll just give updates when something “significant” happens.


I use BlueHost to host all my webpages.  If you decide that you too want to build your own webpages, then please consider joining BlueHost via my affiliate link:


Living on a Dime” has its own affiliate program, which includes tracking clicks and sales.



Until next time, happy selling!



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