Novice Affiliate – Part 05 (the end?)

Hello!  Long time no see, eh?

I guess the big news to report is that, strictly speaking, I’m not trying to make money via affiliate sales anymore, at least primarily.  I found, (for me), an easier way to earn some beer money, namely Clickworker.  I’d recommend that all of you give it a try.  Please be a sport, and sign up under my affiliate link: Join Clickworker Now!  (See, I haven’t abandoned ALL attempts at affiliate income.)

I think Clickworker is GREAT!  I’ve gotten a PayPal payment from them every week since early May/2015, and as of the end of July/2015 I have received a total of almost $550.00!  ($548.98, to be exact.)  This beats the hell out of writing articles for websites that you hope last long enough to actually pay you, (or worse, are just plain old ripoffs). Clickworker is by no means passive income, and some weeks the available tasks to work on are meager and pathetic, but for a way to start making money online I don’t think it can be beat.

As for other streams of online income …… (cough, cough), well, they’ve dried up.  My one-and-only affiliate sale through Amazon was way back in March, and I haven’t even bothered with the ClickBank or any of those other affiliate sites.  (I actually LOST money on ClickBank!)

So there you have it.  If you want to make money online, make sure you go to the correct “Click” site!  That would be Clickworker, NOT Clickbank.


I’ll sporatically update these “Novice Affiliate” entires, if-and-when I ever make another affiliate sale.  And ever the optomist, here are some affiliate links I’ve provided for you, gentle reader, should you feel the urge to help me out!


I use BlueHost to host all my webpages.  If you decide that you too want to build your own webpages, then please consider joining BlueHost via my affiliate link:


Living on a Dime” has its own affiliate program, which includes tracking clicks and sales.



Until next time, happy selling!




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