Novice Affiliate – Part 06

The Novice Affiliate Rides Again!

The Novice Affiliate Rides Again!

I’m baaaack, and I’m gonna grit my teeth and hop on this wide ride called affiliate marketing one more time!

I FINALLY found someone on YouTube who explains in simple step-by-step instructions how to set up a website to make money online.  His name is Franklin, and he can be found here: ; and here: .  Highly, highly, highly recommended!

His specific instructions that I am following, (more-or-less – I’m hardheaded and very bad at following instructions!), are here: .

Doing what he suggested I finally got a website up and running at the end of Jan/2015, (Jan 31st, to be exact).  It is called Tea Universe , ( ), and I’ll be using Tumblr to promote it, just as Franklin suggests.

If you’re a tea drinker, (or even if you’re not), go check it out, and please leave a comment below on what you think about it.  Yeah, I probably need to hire someone who is better at WordPress to spiff it up a bit, but I think it’s basically presentable right now.

I’ll give updates every so often on how well this strategy works for me, but remember that the internet is pretty much in a state of constant flux, and what earns us money now may not work six months from now.

On my last novice affiliate post, (way back in July of last year!), I was stressing Clickworker over affiliate marketing, because I had to date only made about $4.00 via affiliate marketing.  Well, although I kinda phased out of Clickworker by the end of the year, (too much boring work), I’ll have you know that on the 1099 they sent me for tax purposes, (can’t avoid the tax man, can we?), I earned $1,029.00 via Clickworker in 2015.  While that won’t change my standard of living, it’s better than nothing, right?

While Clickworker has its limitations, it is a good choice for those of us who need proof that it is possible to earn money online.  Unlike some of the other schemes out there Clickworker will pay you, although I have to warn you that getting set up properly in it is a time consuming pain.

So there you have it!  The novice affiliate is going to give it a go again.  Wish me luck!




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