Novice Affiliate – Part 08


When Will We Earn Our First Penny?


So the tea store, (Tea Universe), has been up and running for about seven months now?  Have we made any money?

Uh ….. (cough, cough) …… using the only valid measurement, which is money deposited into our checking account, we have been shut out.  That’s right; while money is accumulating in our Adsense and Amazon accounts, we haven’t reached the minimum cash out amount yet.  So we’ve earned nothing so far, which is ridiculously pathetic!

But rather than go on a long tirade about the futility of affiliate marketing for those of you who want to approach it part-time, (like we do), let’s focus on something much more interesting that I just found out about.  While maybe not bringing us more money, this technique may make having an Amazon “store” within the reach of many more folks.

Did you know that you can build your own Amazon store within Amazon itself?  Yes, its design is limited, and you can only sell products found within Amazon, but the positive tradeoffs are immense.  There is no worry about lack of Amazon compatibility, because you are already in Amazon.  There is no need to fuss around with cryptic/buggy third party WordPress themes and plugins, as the Amazon software itself will create your webpages, and stock your store.  (If you’ve read about my recent bad experience with a Kingdom theme update, that alone makes this a huge gain for me.)  And finally, I suppose you don’t really even need to go out and purchase your own webpage anymore, which for part-timers like us is pretty much of a hassle.

This type Amazon store is called an aStore, and is one of the dropdown options on the “Product Linking” tab for Amazon Affiliates.  Oh ….. and I forgot to mention this: setting up your own aStore, (or multiple aStores, even!), within Amazon is absolutely free.

Now folks who work as full-time affiliates may stick their nose up at these simple Amazon stores, and insist the only way to be truly successful is to build your own webpage.  Since we’re not successful affiliate marketers, (yet!), I can’t argue that point with them.  But I can say that setting up your own store within Amazon itself is a great and free learning tool.  What better way to cut your teeth, so to speak, on affiliate marketing than to do so using a method that is free and very, very easy to use?

So let’s all go for it!  Let’s see if our aStores can make any money, and if so, whether we will ever feel the need to convert them to WordPress webpages someday.


What do y’all think?  Here is a comparison of our “old” and “new” Tea Universe websites:

Ye Olde Tea Universe:

New, Sexy Tea Universe:

Which website do you prefer?




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