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grimace Oh Dear!  It appears that while browsing thru the entries for “A Day in a Year in a Life” for the year 2014, you selected one that used to be on PAA, but was deleted.

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Why was it deleted, you ask?  Who knows?  Towards the end of the year the Admin of that site got in a bit of a snit, and he may simply have chosen one of our posts to be nuked as a matter of pure chance.

In the meantime, by arriving to this entry you have gone thru an advert page, which, (hopefully), has given us a few fractions of a penny to help support our various sites.
June/2015 update:  Hopefully you were sent directly to this page, and NOT through that odious AdFly!  I appologize for that lapse of judgement.  It just seemed a good idea at the time.


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