Red Hot and Looney

Much to her chagrin, I hope, (you never know when it comes to celebrities!), Catherine Zeta-Jones’s latest mental health issues are public knowledge, being front page fodder for the scandal sheets. But I wonder: should we be surprised when an entertainer known for his or her “physical attributes” suffers, (at a minimum emotionally, more tragically mentally), due to the stress of remaining desirable in his or her chosen profession?

Hollywood is filled with beautiful people with unstable minds. Remember Anne Heche? Or how about Tom Cruise? (I also have my doubts about John Travolta.) It is my hope that all these folk are really as sane as you or me, (well, okay, as sane as you!), and that their “eccentricities” are simply part of a public relations act. But who knows?

Of course, within the entertainment industry, Hollywood hardly has a monopoly on superstars whose sanity is debatable. Britney Spears is a poster child for famous people who behave oddly in public. Or am I being unkind, and it is common these days for women, (and, for all I know, men!), to skip wearing panties under their mini-skirts?

It’s certainly not natural for a grown woman to have a flat tummy, wide hips, and “tig ol’ bitties”, on an hour-glass, teenaged figure, particularly after bearing a child or two. Maybe the denial of reality extends to these celebrities’ minds as well?

But sooner or later reality has a way of coming back, and with a thud, or a whimper, the fantasy collapses.

How about you? How “real” is the world you live in?


This article was originally posted in rough draft form on Bubblews, then spiffed-up a bit and posted on FullofKnowledge. And yes, in case inquiring minds want to know, should I ever wear a mini-skirt, I fully intend to also wear panties!