Remember Mike’s Pizza?

These bits and pieces of reminiscing concern events that took place last century, during the 1960’s and 1970’s, near the city of Pittsburgh, PA. (Go Steelers!)

Do you remember Mike’s Pizza? It was located right down the street from the hospital just off Bower Hill road, on a little spit of land that I believe was in Scott Township, but surrounded by Mt. Lebanon.

We went there soon after we moved to the Pittsburgh area, when we were still young. A Sunday night pizza was a special treat! Dad would insist on warming the pizza in the oven once he got it home, which only increased our anxiety for that first yummy bite. When we lived in the old house he would have a beer or two with his pizza, and afterwards smoke a cigar, but once we moved to the new house Mom asserted her authority, (as Moms often do), and both the beers and cigars were abandoned.

Remember when we went to pick up a pizza with Doug’s Mom, who was drunk as usual, and when it wasn’t ready she threw a fit? The guys working there got an earful of expletives and abuse from her; we were actually embarrassed for them. We got our pizza cooked up and given to us in record time, but when we got it home and opened the box, we saw the most misshapen, poorly made pizza in the universe!

Later, when we were in high school, Mike’s Pizza went through an upgrade, and became a legitimate dine-in restaurant. But we still went there for the pizza, which was just as appealing, particularly after an afternoon spent smoking marijuana. When “the munchies” hit, they hit with a vengeance! We would order the pizza, then wait for what seemed like a century for it to arrive. Once it did, our desire to consume it overwhelmed us, and we munched away, even while the pizza was piping hot. Our pot-addled brains couldn’t register the hurt we were causing, and we woke up the next morning with sore, burnt mouths.

The moral of that story: don’t eat pizza while high!

We no longer live in Pittsburgh, nor even in Pennsylvania, and our marijuana smoking ways have been left behind with the other follies of youth. Apparently Mike’s Pizza is gone too. Google maps shows a construction site where it used to be. I wonder what they’re building there? I wonder what ever happened to “Mike”?

I wish I could have another taste of his pizza.


This article was originally posted in rough draft form on Bubblews, then spiffed-up a bit and put on FullofKnowledge.