Stillbirth Sucks!

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I should have known better than to read the article at work.  After all, there was the word “stillbirth” prominently featured in the title.  But I read it anyway, and cried.

Okay, not a big SOB SOB SOB kind of cry, but more of a sniffles and suppressed tears ordeal.  But I’m a guy; guys are NOT supposed to do that at work!

Stillbirth just plain sucks!  It’s awful, and immensely hurtful, and about as unfair an act as this senseless world can cough up.  I don’t have the faith of my wife, who can justify such acts as the will of God, or some such thing.  All I see is an existence devoid of any basic ethics or good will, other than what we humans impose upon it.

In this poor child’s case, her umbilical cord had wrapped around her neck and strangled her, just before birth.  Before dying, the baby apparently kicked frantically.  The mother believes that, “… that last rush of fetal activity was the baby struggling to free her neck from the cord.”

Okay, so this is the reality we are stuck with, one in which healthy innocents die in the womb.  Maybe the world itself is devoid of compassion, but we humans most certainly are not!  We can do all we can to make this shitty existence a better life, and honor and respect those to whom life dealt a poor hand.

This article is dedicated to Makenna, the child who will always be, ” …. beautiful, with chubby cheeks and curly hair.”  And to all the other human children, unknown and nameless, who through the long centuries of human existence have died blameless inside their mother.