The Dirty Cellphone

My wife has a six year old nephew named Lander. His mamma and daddy both have day jobs, and sometimes they both have to work weekends. When this happens Lander spends a Saturday or Sunday with his grandpa.

One weekend, when Lander was staying with his grandpa, he noticed that his grandpa’s cellphone was covered with food stains. “Grandpa, why is your cellphone so dirty?”, Lander asked him.

Grandpa chuckled. “Well Lander,” he replied, “it seems that today every time I’ve tried to get a bite to eat, somebody has decided to call me. The cellphone is dirty because I just haven’t had a chance to clean it yet.”

Lander thought about this a moment, then asked if he could play with the cellphone. Grandpa agreed, and gave the cellphone to him. Then each went about their own business.

About an hour later Grandpa heard his cellphone ringing, from, of all places, the bathroom. He rushed over to pick up the call, noticing that it was from his daughter. But when he tried to speak to her, her voice was choppy, full of static, and faded in and out. Wondering what could be wrong, Grandpa looked at the cellphone more closely, and realized that it was still wet, and covered with a soapy residue.

Lander had WASHED the cellphone!