Three Lacks

I have led a reasonably comfortable life. In fact, by world standards I could be considered “rich”, as is true of many, if not most, of my fellow Americans. Yet I believe that three “lacks” have kept me from achieving anything close to my potential, and have made realizing my goals difficult, if not impossible.

What are these “lacks”?

First, let me run through a few common complaints folks have that, in my case, are NOT an impediment to success.

1. Lack of money. No, I am not rich compared to my neighbors. I am solidly middle class, and if anything have lost some economic clout in the years since 2000. (It’s been a rough century!) But lack of money has not been a major factor keeping me from reaching my goals.

2. Lack of health. Despite my latest health issue, I am still reasonably healthy, thank God! Lack of good health is probably the toughest problem to overcome, and in some cases it can’t be overcome at all.

3. Lack of support. I have oodles and oodles of support from my wife and parents! No problem here for me.

4. Lack of time. Sure, time is at a premium, but my wife still lets me spend an hour here or there alone with the PC. (While she cooks, cleans, watches our four year old, and does any other task that needs doing at the moment.)

So what do I believe are the three “lacks” that hold me back?

1. Lack of ability to delay gratification. I want it NOW!!

2. Lack of situational awareness. For example, running my mouth at work in a way that offends a co-worker, or voicing over-the-top criticism, (“Whoever decided to do this is an idiot!”), within earshot of my boss.

3. Lack of impulse control. This would be saying whatever pops into my head. For example, telling my best friend his ex-wife was a fat slob, or my wife that her sister is a loser.

Note that all these “lacks” are due to my behavior and attitude, and as such, the means to resolving them lies solely with me!