UK Pub Food

INTRO (The author expresses his misgivings over dissing the culinary offerings of an entire nation).

Sometimes it’s hard to know whether to go ahead and do something or not. “Go for it”, and suffer the consequences, good or bad, or accept that sometimes discretion is truly the wiser choice.

I was gonna submit a post about UK Pub Food, specifically, how I don’t like it. The post was all typed up; all I had to do was hit the “Publish” button. But ….. I don’t know. It just didn’t FEEL right. I really did not have a good experience with UK Pub Food, but how much of the fault was mine? I was on a budget, and constantly in a hurry, and, I must admit, acting like the world owed me a good time on my vacation. Not exactly the type behavior to bring out the best in your hosts, true?

So read this post with a HUGE grain of salt. Pub Food in England may in fact be the best in the world; I just have not happened to have any, yet.


UK PUB FOOD AND ME (The author “brings up” his memories of that awful chicken stew, amongst other atrocities).

A recent article, in which a traveler to England expressed her disappointment with the much hyped “Pub Grub”, got me all fired up! I too was highly disappointed with British Pub Food.

First, I need to state that I’m an American. (“Ah, that’s the problem!”, some of you may be saying. “It’s a miracle he didn’t get himself run over!”) Before going to London for the first time, many of the Brits I worked with told me to try the Pub Food, telling me how cheap and tasty it was. So I was quite surprised when, after the second or third attempt at eating at a pub, everything I ordered was horrible and expensive. Was I doing something wrong?

Before going to England for the second time I happened to mention this to an Indian guy who grew up there, and he laughed! In his opinion, ALL British food was bad, either being boiled, or some mystery meat wrapped in pastry. He advised me to stick to pizza parlors or Indian restaurants. On this trip I followed his advice, and while the food was still fairly expensive, it was mostly pretty good.

So that has been my experience. When in the U.K., stick to pizza or Indian food …….. with two prominent exceptions. As I remember, High Tea has absolutely delicious finger food type stuff. If you can swing it, make this your main meal of the day. The other exception is spending a boatload of money. It was many years ago, so I can’t remember the restaurant, but after paying out a painfully huge amount of money we had an absolutely wonderful meal somewhere in London. We would have eaten at this restaurant more often, but then we would have been broke.