What Would You Do?

The following is a slight retelling of a story I have read in various forms through the years. I hope you enjoy it!

I am 22 years old, and my fiance is 20. She is a wonderful girl, pretty, smart, hard-working, and most remarkably of all, she loves me very much. But I have a problem; I am obsessed with her Mother.

Now you need to understand that her Mother is no ordinary woman. She had her daughter when she was very young, fifteen or sixteen, and she has taken very good care of her body through the years. If you were to see her, you would agree with me that she is a knock-out. She has an extremely attractive face, beautiful green eyes, and long brown wavy hair. She’s fairly tall for a woman, about five and a half feet, and her body doesn’t have a spec of extra fat anywhere on it. Her tummy rises flat and smooth from her perfectly curved hips, and her large C or D cup breasts hang tantalizingly out from her chest, seeming to beg for a caress.

She is hot! I have had to jump in the pool twice now when she sat near me in her string bikini, to try to hide and quell the sudden “inspiration” that I felt for her.

Here is my dilemma: one night, when my fiance and I were at her parent’s house, she announced that she and her Father had some shopping to do, and would I mind waiting an hour or so for them until they returned? I agreed, and sat myself in front of the TV in the living room when they left. Imagine my surprise when, 5 or 10 minutes later, her Mother walked into the room in a bathing robe, stood in front of the TV, and then opened robe right in front of me!

Word fail to describe how wonderful her naked body looks!

She looked at me and said, “I can’t resist it any longer. I’ve been lusting for you ever since we met. I need to satisfy my desire to be with you just once, now, while we’re alone. Please come upstairs to the bedroom with me, and let’s be lovers tonight.”

As she walked out of the room she turned to look at me one more time. “This will be our little secret. No one will ever know.”

It only took me a another second or two before I leaped up from the couch and ran out the front door.

Imagine my surprise when I found my fiance and her Father waiting outside for me! She gave me a massive hug, and said, “I so proud of you! I knew I could trust you! I knew you wouldn’t ever cheat on me.”

Her Father shook my hand, and said, “I’ll be proud to call you Son some day.”

So it was all a setup, a test to see if I was trustworthy or not. The story has a happy ending, at least for now. But I still wonder what making love to her Mother would be like, and I suppose some day I will need to confess that the only reason I ran out the door was to get a condom that I had hidden in the glove box of my car.

What would you do?