When It Comes to Home Repair, I’ve Got No Thumbs!


A towel rack I tried to hang recently. Not only is it crooked, but do you notice the holes underneath?


“You want me to do what?”

My wife is learning that it is better not to ask me to do anything that requires the most rudimentary of handyman skills around our house. Just today she asked me to hang a picture. Not a big deal, correct? Well …… in my attempts to get a “secure” hook in the drywall, I managed to put a big hole in it.

Fortunately, (for me!), we have a guy working on our house here at the moment. He is repairing our chimney, (big job! – it was never framed in properly), and painting the exterior of our house. Oh, and did I mention that he has only one arm? He also, believe it or not, hangs wallpaper! Yep, a genuine one-armed wallpaper hanger. They really do exist!

So, after I damaged the wall, I went outside and asked Tim to help me. He came in and put some fast drying caulk, (putty? I don’t know the difference), over the hole. After it dries, before he goes home tonight, he will come in and help me hang the picture.

We all have our unique talents. Fixing up houses ain’t one of mine! Fortunately for me, my wife is blessed with an abundance of patience.