Women DO Have it Tougher Than Men

Okay, I admit it. Women do have a tougher path to follow in life than us guys.

Despite dying off 10 years sooner, and being the overwhelming choice for cannon fodder to populate their military follies by bloodthirsty goons all throughout history, it’s easier to be a guy.

Even the fact that our reproductive glands are on the OUTSIDE of our body cavity, (what twit thought that one up?), and vulnerable to sack taps and other forms of rude behavior, doesn’t detract from this basic fact.

The burden of creating the next human generation falls almost entirely on the females, and reproduction takes an enormous physical and psychological toll on them. The rigors of pregnancy and labor are obvious to all but the completely comatose. Perhaps less obvious, (or in some cases, maybe not!), are the emotional swings caused by the rise and fall of the various hormones throughout the female ovulation cycle.

Add to this the wild spikes in mood caused by pregnancy, birth, and post-partum, and I seriously doubt any male could cope with the emotional onslaught weathered by most women.

Culture doesn’t help either, as in most societies women play a supporting role to their man. Sure, the legal barriers to women participating in traditional male endeavors have mostly been removed, but don’t underestimate the power of society in shaping behavior. Besides, while behind every successful man is usually a supportive woman; behind every successful woman is …… ?

Finally, men suffer much less judgment based on their appearance, and a man can be old, and still considered virile. (Viagra and other performance enhancing drugs help this considerably, I suppose.) Theoretically a man can produce sperm until he dies, while a woman is born with a fixed number of eggs. Once those eggs are gone, her ability to reproduce is finished.

So then, is the purpose of this article to gather up sympathy for women, collating it into some form of, It’s okay, ladies. We feel your pain? Hardly, for where God puts extra burdens, he also puts the potential for greater rewards. Not only must the joy of delivering another human into this world be beyond the capacity of us guys to appreciate, but also the feedback from being a support to a spouse, sibling, parent, relative, friend, or even total stranger must be greater than the self-absorption we guys all too often fall into.

Rather than feel sorry for the extra burdens women face, why don’t we guys realize what rewards await those women who can successfully carry them, and honor them for their accomplishments?


Originally posted by us on FullofKnowledge.