Women, Men, and Shopping

I love my wife dearly. But one thing I do NOT like is shopping. Unfortunately, like many women, my wife LOVES shopping!

I was reminded of this today. We were at Sam’s Club, (a members only discount store here in the USA, and maybe Canada), and on our way out passed a man sitting by a full shopping cart. He was very agitated, and we soon found out why. A woman can running up to him, and he started angrily asking her, “Where have you been? I’ve been sitting here for 20 minutes waiting for you!”

She started to explain that she had found all these wonderful cheeses in the back of the store, and asked him if she could shop some more.

“Absolutely not!”, he replied. “I want to go home!”

I’ve been in that situation before myself, waiting around in some store or another for a woman, wondering just what the HELL she was doing now. It seems that when most women go shopping they lose track of time.

Now this is not a case of men being right and women being wrong, or women being right and men being wrong. I think men and women approach the act of shopping differently. Men go shopping because they need something. They look for it, find it, buy it, (usually at full price), and go home. Women, on the other hand, browse when shopping. They are looking for good deals, things to buy at a discount for the family, or even gifts for loved ones. If women are too unfocused when they shop, then men are too narrow-minded.

The problem I face is that my wife does not enjoy shopping alone. She wants to share this joyful, (to her!), experience with me. This is a “bonding time” experience, right?

I could go on and on about my frustrations with shopping, but I’m afraid I can’t right now. My wife just announced she wants to “go somewhere”, which is a coded way of telling me to get prepared for a shopping trip. Resistance is painful and ultimately futile.

Goodbye for now. Wish me luck!