Writing for Money Online FAQs

NOTE:  This article was orginally posted on FullofKnowledge back in September, 2013.  I don’t write many online articles anymore, as it’s too difficult to get paid consistently.  Bubblews turned out to be a pyramid scam, (which as far as I know they’re still running!), and FullofKnowledge and PostAnyArticle got shafted by the imperious pricks at Adsense.  (Lords of Google, why do you always pick on little guys, but let the big boys get away with all sorts of nonsense?)  InfoBarrel just never clicked for me, but I guess if your heart is set on writing online articles, it is the place to go.

Oh ….. and by the way, I have resumed attempting to sell ClickBank eBooks!


Frequently asked questions about writing for money online.

1. Who are you?

Nobody special.

2. How long have you been writing online?

Since April 2013, more-or-less.

3. What are you trying to sell me?

Nothing, really. I’d just like it if you’d read some of my articles, and if you are considering making a purchase through Amazon, to go to their webpage via my affiliate link.

4. Are you sure? No Clickbank eBook offers?

Naw, at least not here. I haven’t figured out how to be an affiliate marketer of Clickbank yet without appearing sleazy or desperate.

5. Okay. So what then are you trying to accomplish, and why should I care?

I’m trying to post articles to various websites on the internet. There are two purposes to this: 1) to demonstrate that I can get paid, even if not all that much, for online activity, and 2) to establish a body of work that I can later use to generate some passive income.

6. You get paid for this?

Shocking, huh?

7. That’s good and all, but you didn’t explain why I should care. What’s in it for me?

Well, hopefully my articles are entertaining and/or informing, and you receive some value for the time you spend reading them.

8. I don’t want to sound rude, but your articles really aren’t that good.

Sorry. I’ll try to do better. But they are getting views, and generating money.

9. You’re kidding? Really? Wow! My nephew’s six year old daughter can write more coherently than you.

Has she considered posting her articles online?

10. Hey, I’m supposed to be asking the questions here!


11. So what do you consider some of you “better” articles?

I’m glad you asked! I thought the article I wrote on Luther and Erasmus was okay, as were the articles on scaring my Mama with snakes, getting jackfruit worms in my brain, and (almost) meeting Honey Boo Boo. I also rather liked my Cosmology article, although apparently no one else in the world does.

For the morbidly curious, I keep track of all my posted articles on my (unloved and unread) blog, owls and cuckoos.

12. What web sites do you post your stuff on?

Bubblews, FullofKnowledge, and PostAnyArticle, aka, “Pop!”, “FoK”, and “PAA”. I just discovered I also signed up to post on ExpertsPages this past April 2013, (when I first started writing online), but I haven’t posted anything there yet.

I also posted a few articles to InfoBarrel, as it was recommended by Pat Flynn, (of smart-passive-income fame), but I found InfoBarrel hard to work with.

13. And they actually pay you?

Sorta. Bubblews has paid me $50.00 to date, which sounds pretty good, until you realize they owe me another $75.00 which they never paid me. Bubblews is acquiring a bad reputation for not paying writers, hence their nickname.

I haven’t earned enough money to cash out at FullofKnowledge yet. And PostAnyArticle just started this month, (September, 2013), so I haven’t been on it long enough to generate any income.

14. You mentioned passive income. How are these articles going to generate passive income?

Once the article is posted to a paying site, if I can drive views to it, then these views will generate me money. For example, in the answer to question #10 above, I include back links to some of my articles.

Another way to generate income from your articles is through clever use of SEO strategies. Unfortunately I’m not clever enough to even spell SEO correctly, so those techniques elude me for the moment.

What I do intend to do, (and maybe this is a bad idea that only occurs to me because I’m old), is someday create a webpage which indexes all my articles along with a brief description, then print free business cards which just contain the URL to that webpage.

15. This sounds easy. Can I do it too?

Absolutely! I’d recommend you sign up for the three writing sites I mention above, “Pop!“, “FoK“, and “PAA“, and start writing. You’ve got nothing to lose other than some of your time, which, if you’re like me, you’ve wasted in front of your TV anyway. Let the rest of the world read that manuscript you’ve been hiding in your sock drawer!

Note: You do understand the way the affiliate links in this article work, don’t you? Click on one of my affiliate links, and if you purchase something AT NO COST TO YOU I get a commission. Groovy, huh?